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Yolanda T. Marshall , Author

Written by a well-rounded child, this brilliant book is sure to inspire parents and kids to turn each day of the week into a learning adventure.

Bertrand Moses, Psychotherapist

4-year-old Coryn has delivered what I would describe as a vivid and exciting self-care guide for children without even realizing it. The interesting thing about this book is that it’s a wellness reminder for adults as well. This child is on a mission.


Who knew being a 4-year-old could be so much fun. 😊Adorable story with beautiful illustrations. Can’t wait to see what adventure Coryn goes on next.

Dee Ann Kentish-Rogers, Attorney/Minister of Education and Social Development, Anguilla

The Chronicles of Coryn is an endearing glimpse into the weekly adventures of a little girl and her family that radiates with the quiet balmy charm only a Caribbean girl could provide.

Clara George, Educator (St Maarten)

Coryn, a young talented author, takes her readers on an incredible journey through a typical week in her life. One that is filled with fun, creative and exciting activities she enjoys doing; many of them together with her parents. Chronicles of Coryn: 7 Days of Fun is a novel any child would enjoy reading, especially at bedtime with their parents. It would make an incredible addition to any family’s reading collection.

Iantavian Queeley

My 4 year old son absolutely loves to read this book! He can read it over and over and doesn't get bored. It's very relatable for him and he loves that. He really likes that he has so much in common with the author. Kudos to Coryn and her parents for creating such a wonderful and exciting book. A must have for any child's book collection. Its great!


This is an exceptional author. A great role model for kids and adults alike. I bought this book because it is well written and a great example in many ways for my children. Kudos to Coryn and her parents!


This little girl is an absolute gem of a child. To relate a story in this fashion at any age is a gift but to be this engaging at FOUR.... nothing short of miraculous! A must read at any age. I was instantly captured and eagerly flipped from day to day to learn what Coryn did next. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel!!


I really enjoyed the imagery and clarity of the story. I felt like I was learning and enjoying as well. This is the kind of book I want all my nieces to read! Keep writing!

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